Tips For A Healthier Kitchen

Gadgets that Help You Eat Healthier

We all love kitchen gadgets. I mean, they are designed to make our lives easier while making the cooking experience more fun. Some are even great ways to help kids get started with helping to prepare meals.

That said, many of these kitchen helpers and small appliances actually go to the extreme of creating “fast food”. Homemade waffles, doughnuts, cake pops and deep fried foods are not the healthiest things to eat, albeit quick and easy to make.

Some of the most helpful kitchen tools have not only helped me save time and money preparing food – but they also have helped me and my family eat a much healthier diet without any extra effort. In fact, now it has pretty much become a habit that we don’t really think about. We just have fun in the kitchen!

Here are my Top 3 Kitchen Gadgets:

1. My first favorite is the spiral vegetable slicer. Most of us are looking for creative ways to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into our diets, right?

A simple and fun way to do this (especially if you have kids) is to turn your vegetables into noodles and replace your pasta colorful, nutrient-rich vegetables that you can create yourself.

Kids can have fun helping you in the kitchen preparing meals instead of arguing at the table whether or not to eat their broccoli.

2. My second favorite is the sprouter. Many people have not heard of them or assume that they are difficult to use. Actually, it’s quite the opposite.

Fresh sprouts like alfafa, clover, radish and broccoli are super nutritious but often are overlooked at the grocery store because we simply don’t know how healthy they are. Combine that with the fact that they are usually high-priced and have a short shelf life – and we have lots of reasons not to buy them.

These sprout growers can be purchased for under $25 and can provide raw, organic greens year-round – straight from your kitchen counter. Surprisingly, they only require 4-5 days to grow form seed to harvest – and they don’t require any soil!

I now use fresh sprouts in all of my salads, sandwich wraps, sandwiches and sometimes eat them plain when I need a quick snack to crunch on. You can grow a small amount of sprouts in a mason jar, but if you want to make it easier on yourself (and less time consuming), invest the $25 in gadgets like these that will do the work for you.

3. My third favorite may come as not surprise. It’s a hand blender. However, what I use it for may be a little unexpected. Remember, we’re talking healthy eating here.

You’re probably used to hearing how great hand blenders are for mixing up fruit smoothies or protein shakes – but how about vegetables soups, mashed potatoes and frothing up nonfat milk for a homemade latte? There’s no shortage of free recipes out there.

Hand blenders can do a lot in the healthy eating department. Keep in mind that it’s easier to eat healthy if the process is easy. When whipping up a batch of mashed potatoes with broccoli becomes easier than cooking up a bunch of waffles, transitioning to healthier eating just became a whole lot easier.

Think outside the box when it comes to using a hand blender. Some of these gadgets now come with several other attachments like whisks and measured mixing cups that give us even more reasons to start mixing.

Part of the reason it’s so attractive to use it that it takes virtually no time to clean up. I’m not kidding. Check this out:

Of course, sometimes we don’t feel like cooking or preparing a meal, but we still want to eat nutritious food. I’ve come across 2 great raw vegan protein bars that you can buy. They make great snacks – even for kids.